Franklin Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Franklin Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Franklin Drug Trafficking Attorney

Drug trafficking charges are some of the most severe in Tennessee. These charges always result in a felony for the accused; some cases rise to the level of a federal crime.

When you’re facing a felony charge, you need a Franklin, TN, drug trafficking lawyer and law firm with you to advocate for you and argue for your innocence. Having legal representation can be the difference between a preferable outcome and years in federal prison.

Franklin Drug Crime Lawyer

The Law Office of Lee Ofman Can Assist With Drug Trafficking Charges

Lee Ofman is a criminal defense lawyer with over 30 years of experience working in law. He graduated from Nashville School of Law in 1981 and has experience working with numerous crimes like assault, computer, and drug crimes.

Mr. Ofman has the results to prove his skill in the courtroom. He represented a client facing first-degree murder and looking at between 15 and 60 years in jail. Mr. Ofman took the case to trial and managed to get the charge down to criminally negligent homicide with jail time of one to two years.

What Is Drug Trafficking in Tennessee?

Drug trafficking concerns anyone with possession of a large quantity of drugs. The state may also choose to charge a person with drug trafficking for manufacturing, selling, or delivering any controlled substance. The prosecutors can show that a person had the intent to sell the illicit substance if they possessed enough of it. Small quantities of drugs often come with the charge of simple possession.

Federal Drug Trafficking Offenses

Drug trafficking enters the realm of federal crime when the drugs cross state or international borders. The crossing can be because you either physically moved them or sent them across state lines through the mail.

When drug trafficking reaches a federal offense, the situation gets even scarier for the defendant. The federal government has numerous tools and nearly unlimited resources at its disposal. The federal government also takes any drug-related crimes seriously and will look to prosecute offenders to the highest extent of the law.

Drug trafficking charges typically come from undercover officers or surveillance. Undercover officers can participate in controlled buys to gather evidence on suspected drug traffickers. Law enforcement may be able to stake out a suspected trafficker’s house or tap their communications to determine the scope of the trafficking.

What Charges Do Drug Traffickers Face in Tennessee?

Charges for drug trafficking vary greatly depending on the type of drugs, how much the person was allegedly in possession of, and if they have any previous drug arrests. For example, the sentencing guidelines for possession of marijuana include:

  • Trafficking of 0.5 ounces to ten pounds: This crime carries with it the risk of one to six years in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.
  • Trafficking of between 10 and 70 pounds: Anyone convicted of trafficking this quantity of drugs risks two to 12 years in prison. Additionally, the court may impose a $5,000 fine.
  • Trafficking 70 to 300 pounds: This is where the penalties start to ratchet up. Anyone found in possession of this much marijuana risks eight to 30 years in a correctional facility and a fine of up to $200,000.
  • Trafficking over 300 pounds: The court reserves the highest penalty for anything over 300 pounds. The sentencing guidelines allow a judge to sentence the defendant to between 15 and 60 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Any previous charges will increase the potential prison time, and federal crimes come with different guidelines.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Drug Trafficking Charge?

Anyone accused of a crime can defend themselves in court for any criminal or civil case. In reality, it’s nearly impossible to prove your innocence without a lawyer defending you in court.

Drug crimes are complicated affairs filled with legal precedence. A seasoned Franklin, TN, drug trafficking lawyer and law firm know about applicable cases and precedents that may help you in front of a jury or while negotiating with the prosecutor.

Many of the legal defenses for drug trafficking boil down to looking at technicalities and any improper procedure from law enforcement. Defense attorneys understand these instances better than a layperson.


Q: Why Is Drug Trafficking a Federal Crime?

A: Drug trafficking can be either a federal or a state crime, depending on the circumstances. A trafficking charge will rise to the level of a federal crime when law enforcement determines that the drugs moved across state lines or international borders. Federal crimes come with different sentencing guidelines and prosecutors with the federal government’s resources.

Q: What Is a Schedule 2 Drug in Tennessee?

A: Schedule 2 drugs in Tennessee are those that are highly addictive yet still contain some medical properties. These include amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, methadone, and similar narcotics. The main difference between Schedule 2 compared to Schedule 1 is that Schedule 1 drugs do not have any known medical applications.

Q: Do First-Time Drug Offenders Go to Jail in Tennessee?

A: Tennessee takes drug crimes seriously, and even first-time offenders run the risk of jail time. Some judges will allow a defendant to serve only probation, while others won’t be as lucky. Drug trafficking carries the risk of severe jail time, depending on the quantity and any previous arrests. A Franklin, TN, defense attorney can help you avoid a long sentence.

Q: Is Drug Trafficking a Felony in Tennessee?

A: While the charges will vary depending on the quantity and what drugs the defendant allegedly had, drug trafficking is generally a felony in Tennessee. Felonies come with a prison sentence and the potential for a massive fine. A felony will also affect future employment opportunities and may lead to difficulty in finding housing. If the drugs crossed state lines, the government would see it as a federal felony, and the charges change dramatically.

The Law Office of Lee Ofman: A Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney You Can Trust

Drug charges are not easy to fight, and any charge carries with it the risk of an extended stay in prison. While you could represent yourself in court, you will likely be bewildered by the legal technicalities and risk feeling the maximum penalty of the law.

The Law Office of Lee Ofman has experience working on drug crime cases and helping clients through the process. Contact us to discuss your case and get the legal help you deserve.

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