Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney

Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney

Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal conviction in Tennessee carries immense weight and can quickly impact your life. This makes the aid of a qualified defense attorney irreplaceable in any criminal case. The Law Office of Lee Ofman is dedicated to serving Nashville residents with superior criminal defense services. Our firm has spent decades advocating for clients from around the state. Whether you were recently arrested for a DUI or your loved one is facing theft charges, consult our Nashville defense team as soon as possible for help.

Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choose the Law Office of Lee Ofman for Your Criminal Defense Needs

At the Law Office of Lee Ofman, our core belief is that everyone deserves an impartial defense team that is passionately committed to their client. That’s why our firm does everything in our power to provide outstanding, client-focused defense representation in Nashville. After practicing law for more than four decades and collecting a team of experienced staff members, our founder and lead attorney has built a credible reputation based on consistent excellence. Our criminal defense services are dependable and effective. In addition, they are customized to the exact needs of our clients. For tenacious defense in a Nashville criminal case, ask the Law Office of Lee Ofman to advocate for you.

Our Nashville Criminal Defense Services

By combining our knowledge of legal strategies with our experience in criminal law and negotiation, our firm works to offer a powerful, persuasive criminal defense. We are proud to provide exceptional defense representation for a large range of criminal offenses here in Nashville, including:


A “driving under the influence” charge, more commonly known as a DUI, can occur when an individual is found to be operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. A DUI is a serious violation that can result in jail time, the loss of driving privileges, and other long-term consequences. To be arrested for a DUI in Tennessee, you must have a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) test result of 0.08% or more. However, if the arresting officer has reasonable cause to believe that you’re impaired, even if your BAC is below 0.08%, you can still be arrested for a DUI. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a potential DUI in Nashville, the Law Office of Lee Ofman can represent your side of the story.

Drug Crimes

To combat the misuse of illegal drugs, the state of Tennessee formed meticulous laws that separate drug crimes into five main areas:

  1. Simple Possession: You can be arrested for simple possession if you were knowingly carrying an illegal drug or holding it at home.
  2. Possession With the Intent to Sell or Deliver: If you are found to, for example, have large amounts of an illegal drug, receipts of sales, or small containers that could be used to sell your large amounts of drugs, you can be charged with this.
  3. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: If you are found to be carrying, transporting, or stashing any kind of illegal drug paraphernalia, you can face this possession charge.
  4. Manufacturing of Illegal Drugs: You can be charged with the manufacturing of illegal drugs in Tennessee for behaviors such as growing, producing, modifying, compounding, converting, or even formulating an illegal substance.
  5. Drug Trafficking: Drug trafficking is a broad charge that can occur when an individual is found to be manufacturing, attempting to sell, transporting, or doing unlawful activities with illegal drugs.

Being arrested for a serious drug crime can potentially land you in prison. Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or are facing a felony drug crime, see what our firm may be able to do for you in Nashville.

Sex Crimes

Due to the especially heinous nature of sex crimes, there are extensive consequences that occur if you are convicted of one. In Tennessee, a sex crime involves non-consensual sexual acts or behaviors that cause someone to feel uncomfortable, threatened, or even result in their injury. Sex crimes that are commonly seen in Tennessee include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse

While sex crimes can be charged as misdemeanors, many of them are charged as felonies, especially if an injury occurred or a child was involved. Our firm has handled a variety of difficult cases like these and is prepared to see how we can take positive steps for your situation today.


To better organize theft crimes, state law divides them into two general categories, known as petty theft and grand theft. When an individual steals property or assets that are valued below $500, they may be arrested for petty theft in Nashville. However, whenever someone steals property that is worth at least $500 or more, they can face grand theft charges. While petty theft is a misdemeanor, grand theft can become a felony when the value of the stolen property surpasses $1,000. Protect yourself and your rights in a theft case with the help of our defense services.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are a specific category of criminal offenses that generally involve nonviolent, corrupt violations. Most white collar crimes are motivated by financial and personal gain, where one person abuses their power or manipulates someone else to unfairly benefit themselves. White collar crimes are just as serious as violent crimes and carry tough penalties for those who are convicted of them, including years in prison and restitution payments. The primary forms of white collar crimes in Tennessee include:

  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is a white collar crime that occurs when someone in a position of trust withholds, converts, or misappropriates another individual’s assets to benefit themselves.
  • Fraud: Fraud happens when one person intentionally lies, manipulates, or deceives another individual for their own personal gain.
  • Money Laundering: Money laundering occurs when a person or group actively hides the origins of their money because it is coming from illegal activities.

What Should You Do If You Are Arrested in Tennessee?

It can be difficult to know how to handle yourself if you or a loved one is being arrested. However, it’s crucial that you know your rights and are prepared if the situation ever occurs. Take the following steps if you are arrested in Nashville:

  1. Remain Calm
    Being arrested can be an overwhelming, confusing experience. This can make it difficult to have stable thoughts and make smart decisions. Whether it’s your first time or your third, it’s critical that you remain as calm as possible during your arrest. You have to remember that, if you attempt to fight or flee, you can face additional charges, such as evading or assaulting a police officer.
  2. Ensure That You Are Read Your Rights
    When you are placed under arrest, the law officer detaining you does not have to immediately read you your Miranda rights. In fact, they do not have to fully read you your rights unless they are going to ask you about the case. This means that you can be arrested and transported to a police station before your rights are even read. Regardless of when, it’s essential to ensure that your rights are read to you before an officer begins your interrogation. Otherwise, the arrest or information gathered from you can become invalid.
  3. Request an Attorney
    As soon as you are put into holding and given a call, it’s smart to retain an attorney who can help you understand exactly what’s going on. After you have been arrested and read your rights, you legally do not have to say anything. If you believe what you have to say would be helpful, you have the right to tell the police whatever you’d like. However, all legal professionals will implore you to wait to talk until you have contacted an attorney. From there, you can work with a defense lawyer to assess your situation and determine your next steps.

Why Do You Need a Defense Lawyer in a Criminal Case?

Many people struggle to decide if they should hire a defense attorney after being arrested. However, many of them do not realize that they are putting themselves at an extreme disadvantage if they attempt to handle a criminal case without qualified help. Because of the harsh consequences that come with criminal convictions here in Nashville, hiring a defense lawyer is imperative to ensure that you are not unfairly convicted. Working with an experienced lawyer can provide you with adequate support and legal aid in the times when you need it most.

At the Law Office of Lee Ofman, we are a private defense team whose goal is to passionately protect and represent those facing criminal allegations in Tennessee. By making the decision to work with a qualified criminal defense team like us, you can expect:

  • A better understanding of your rights and why you were arrested
  • Emotional and legal support
  • Open communication and regular updates on your situation
  • Powerful representation and negotiation skills
  • Effective defense strategies
  • Consistent work toward a favorable outcome
  • Protection of your constitutional rights

FAQs About Nashville, TN Criminal Defense Attorney

Can You Have a Conviction Expunged From Your Criminal Record in Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee grants individuals the opportunity to remove criminal offenses from their records when they have no other prior convictions. However, only certain charges are eligible to be expunged in Tennessee. If your only criminal conviction is the one that you are trying to expunge and you were convicted of a misdemeanor or a low-class felony, you may be able to have your charge removed for good. However, most felonies and violent crimes are not eligible for expungement.

How Do You Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville?

There are a multitude of qualities that go into a great criminal defense lawyer. At the Law Office of Lee Ofman, we believe that all great defense attorneys are devoted to their client’s unique concerns. This means that they should take the time to get to know you and your case, support you and proactively fight for a favorable outcome to your situation. You’ll also need an attorney that communicates clearly and efficiently because no client should be left without information on their case.

Will My Criminal Case Go to Trial in Nashville?

After being arrested for a criminal offense in Tennessee, you will have to take part in a variety of legal proceedings. These proceedings will slowly determine whether you are guilty of the alleged offense and what your punishment should be if you are convicted. With most criminal charges, matters are settled in the early stages of the case and they do not make it to the trial phase. If you and your lawyer do not make a plea deal or settlement during the preliminary stages of your case, it will then move into the trial phase.

How Does Probation Work in Tennessee?

Probation is one type of alternative sentencing that gives certain individuals a chance to avoid jail time. However, it only works if they can follow the legal orders that are laid out for them. In many cases where it is the defendant’s first charge, they may be able to receive probation instead of jail time as a consequence. Probation generally requires an individual to:

  • Report to a court-assigned officer regularly.
  • Stay sober from drugs and alcohol
  • Comply with consistent supervision and monitoring.

If you break your probation terms, you can face probation violation charges and end up receiving the jail time that you originally avoided.

Reach Out to Our Nashville Defense Firm Today

The chaos of a criminal case is overwhelming. Don’t try to handle everything on your own. Instead, talk to a team that genuinely cares about your well-being. Here at the Law Office of Lee Ofman, we know that being arrested leaves you significantly vulnerable. We empathize with the stress of your situation and are prepared to offer you guidance and support while working to combat the allegations against you.

If you have been arrested for a crime in Nashville, contact the Law Office of Lee Ofman to talk about your concerns or schedule a consultation with a staff member. Our team is always prepared to listen and provide you with unbiased support.

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