Franklin White Collar Crime Lawyer

Franklin White Collar Crime Lawyer

Franklin White Collar Crime Attorney

White collar crimes are a specific category of offenses that are most commonly motivated by personal and financial gain. Every state has the power to create laws dictating the way these crimes are handled and the consequences a defendant can receive if they are convicted. In Franklin, Tennessee, white collar crimes are still considered heinous and can result in tough penalties such as being sent to prison. For anyone charged with a white collar crime in the Franklin area, hiring a skilled defense team to represent you against these claims is a necessity.

Franklin White Collar Crime Lawyer

A Defense Team Dedicated to You

At the Law Office of Lee Ofman, we have more than 40 years of experience assisting a myriad of people from around Franklin. Our firm’s goal is to offer legal counsel that is unbiased and formed to fit the needs of every person who asks us for help. For accusations involving white collar crimes or any other criminal offense, do not delay seeking the help of our team at the Law Office of Lee Ofman.

What Are White Collar Crimes in Tennessee?

The terms “white collar” and “blue collar” have long been used to describe two different categories of offenses. While blue-collar crimes typically involve petty, negligent, or violent behavior, while white-collar crimes most often deal with large amounts of money and financial gain. White-collar crimes can involve manipulation, fraud, and deceit for a person or group to benefit themselves. The varying types of white-collar crimes in Tennessee include:

  • To commit embezzlement, there must be some form of trust between a victim and the accused. State law considers embezzlement to be the act of deceitfully appropriating property from a person, business, or group, to secretly benefit yourself.
  • Fraud is a broad charge that can be used for a variety of offenses. Tennessee law states that fraud involves intentional deception, meaning the defendant must have intentionally lied to or manipulated someone else to potentially benefit in the future. Different kinds of fraud include:
    • Money fraud
    • Tax fraud
    • Healthcare fraud
    • Bank fraud
    • Insurance fraud
    • Wire fraud
    • Identity fraud
  • Extortion is often confused with fraud or embezzlement, but it is its own distinct charge. To be charged with extortion in Tennessee, an individual must threaten or coerce someone else into giving them certain property or benefits while restricting them of their constitutional freedoms. For example, blackmail is a form of extortion.
  • Identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone steals the personal, identifying information of someone else to pass off as their own. This is different than identity fraud, which occurs if someone takes another person’s identity and uses it to commit other crimes.
  • An individual can be charged with forgery when they fake a signature, document, or other important items with the intent to deceive, defraud, or somehow harm another party.
  • Tax crimes. Tax crimes are another type of offense that comes in multiple forms. Both tax fraud and tax evasion involve intentionally deceiving and avoiding mandatory payments required by state and federal law.

Do You Need a Lawyer for White Collar Crimes?

Regardless of the charge you are facing, you have the right to have legal representation when accused of a criminal charge in the United States. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you use this opportunity to find private defense counsel that will dedicate themselves to you. At the Law Office of Lee Ofman, we know just how much of a difference your defense team can make. That is why our firm prioritizes each of our clients and their unique cases, working to support them through difficult times as we form their defense.

Having a Franklin white collar crime lawyer to give you insight on how to go through your case is crucial, along with the fact that we can direct your legal proceedings. No matter the claims, hiring an experienced Franklin white collar crime lawyer is always fundamental to ensure you have a fighting chance in your case.

FAQs About Franklin, TN White Collar Crime Laws

What Are the Penalties for White Collar Crimes in Tennessee?

The exact punishment that is given to a defendant will depend on the white collar crime that they are convicted of. Generally, consequences for white collar crimes can range from jail time and small fines to lengthy prison sentences and mandatory restitution payments. In some cases, individuals have received up to 30 years in prison for the severity of their white collar offense.

Can White Collar Crimes Be Removed From Your Record?

Certain white-collar crimes, such as forgery and insurance fraud, can potentially be expunged from an individual’s record in Tennessee. To do so, the individual must meet strict requirements. These requirements include having no prior convictions, completing all required terms of the conviction in question, and waiting five years from when the conviction was completed to apply.

Are All White Collar Crimes Considered Felonies?

White-collar crimes in Tennessee can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on how serious the case was. In most white-collar crime cases across the country, the offenses are considered felonies due to the large sums of money that were involved. White-collar crimes are also typically classified as federal offenses, meaning a defendant’s trial is held in federal court instead of state court.

What Is Restitution in a Criminal Case?

Because white collar crimes involve depriving someone else of their property for personal gain, consequences can include restitution. Restitution is the legal term used to describe a mandatory payment that is meant to make up for a victim’s loss. With white collar crimes, restitution most often covers the money or property that was lent to the defendant and not properly used.

Defense Counsel for White Collar Crimes in Franklin, TN

Because white collar crimes are often handled in federal court, the legal proceedings of these types of cases can be especially complex. Luckily, the Law Office of Lee Ofman has been representing individuals involved in criminal cases since the early 1980s. This gives him an extensive advantage when it comes to creating strong defenses and finding solutions for both state and federal offenses. Our firm knows that facing criminal allegations is a frightening experience, which is why we offer guidance, support, and a shoulder to lean on. If you need defense counsel for a white collar crime case in Franklin, contact the Law Office of Lee Ofman as soon as possible.

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