Facing 2nd Degree Murder charge for heroin laced with fentanyl
(15-25 years)

Jury Trial Resulted in successful outcome of criminally negligent homicide. Less than 6 months jail time served.

Facing a 1st Degree Murder charge
(15-25 years)

Jury Trial Resulted in lesser included offense of Criminally Negligent Homicide. No Time Served After Verdict.

Facing DUI Misdemeanor
(11 months and 29 days)

Client received a verdict of no time served.

Client faced a 1st degree murder charge which has a range of punishment of
(15-60 years)

Jury trial resulted criminally negligent homicide for which the client received (1-2 years).

Client faced DUI charge 1st offense misdemeanor
(2 days- 11 months and 29 days)

Jury trials or settlement resulted in not guilty verdict, or no time served.