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Criminal Defense Representation


Superior Legal Representation
with Integrity and Empathy

Lee Ofman has practiced criminal law for over 30 years.


During that time he has garnered an excellent reputation for his courtroom skills and legal knowledge throughout Middle Tennessee.


Lee Ofman has tried hundreds of criminal cases with great success. You can read some of his clients' testimonials on this page.

Lee Ofman has been practicing law in Franklin, Tennessee since 1982, and during that time he has represented a string of high profile cases.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, such as DUI, theft, drug crimes, assault, sexual misconduct, murder or white-collar crimes you will need the skill and experience that Lee Ofman brings to the courtroom.


Contact the Law Office of Lee Ofman to schedule your consultation or by filling out our form, emailing or calling 615-790-9494.



Personal Injury Litigation


Trusted by his Clients and Respected
by the TN Legal Community

Lee Ofman has provided personalized, compassionate representation for his clients since 1982. Lee Ofman handles personal injury cases involving automobile accidents and injuries, bodily injury, motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death.


He understands that no one can take away the pain of your injury or erase the damage that has been done, but he can help you address the financial & legal aspects of your case in order to achieve the only thing that matters to you - Results.

Lee Ofman will seek full and fair compensation for your losses, even the loss of future income.


Contact the Law Office of Lee Ofman to schedule your consultation or by filling out our form, emailing or calling 615-790-9494.

Contact Our Office



Lee Ofman

339 Main St. Suite 230

Franklin, TN 37064​​

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Brooklyn College

University of Texas (Bachelor of Science, 1968)

Nashville School of Law (Juris Doctorate, 1981)

Lee Ofman holds the AV rating* under Martindale-Hubbell's peer review system. This is the highest rating of excellence given to any attorney by his peers and members of the Judiciary. Lee has been practicing law for 30 years and is dedicated to his clients. His office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, but he has no hours when it comes to working his cases. Lee is always accessible to his clients and does what it takes to attain the best results.

Areas of Practice


Computer Crimes
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Juvenile Crimes
Sexual Offenses
White Collar Crimes

Automobile Accident
Bodily Injury
Motorcycle Accidents
Wrongful Death



" I trusted my legal problems with Mr. Ofman and I was not disappointed. Mr. Ofman is a true legal professional that honestly fights for his clients. No matter what your legal entanglement you could not have a better Attorney on your side than Mr. Lee Ofman. I have trusted Lee with my life.......Literally. And would do so again without hesitation."


"Lee Ofman helped my family through a very difficult situation and time. My son who was 18

at the time was charged with a Class C felony for what we thought was a self-defense case.
However, my family was required to defend the case.


Ultimately, the case was dropped without any punishment, i.e. no community service or probation for my son. At every court appearance, it was apparent that Lee Ofman had prepared better, considered all the ramifications more thoroughly with each proceeding, and basically had the prosecution on the defensive. It is my strong opinion that the prosecution simply did not want to face Mr. Ofman in court. My family will be forever grateful for his representation and the final outcome of the charges. My son is now in college and flourishing there; he is a great person and an excellent student. Lee Ofman helped make this possible for him!"


"Mr. Lee Ofman represented me in a very complex, high profile and bitterly contested murder trial. Mr. Ofman was exhaustive in his legal research, tireless in his preparation for this trial, relentless in the pursuit of justice for his client and utterly fearless in representing and fighting for me. I could not have asked for a more forceful or more effective trial attorney. And yes, in the end, I was acquitted of the charged offenses."


"If you're looking for the best attorney, you've come to the right place. I would recommend Lee to anybody needing legal representation. He represented me and helped me every step of the way in preparation for court and to win my case. He is extremely knowledgeable in every realm of the law, prepares with extremely detailed research and will go far beyond expectations to win your case. There's only one attorney to have represent you, Lee Ofman."


I have required the expertise of an attorney on several occasions and Mr. Ofman is by far the hardest working lawyer I have ever had on my side.  He spent four years fighting my case in court when other attorneys would have given up.  Every obstacle we encountered he handled with grace and tenacity.  Not only did he re-investigate in-depth all the evidence the prosecutors had against me, but he also investigated avenues that never would have crossed my mind.  To say Mr. Ofman is thorough would be an understatement; he left no stone unturned.  Throughout the four years fighting my case, I never once felt left out of the loop.  Mr. Ofman made sure I was always informed on everything happening, no matter how insignificant it seemed.  Not only did I receive a copy of every communication between Mr. Ofman and the DA, but Mr. Ofman also met with me frequently to go over any new developments in my case.  He always seemed to value my input and genuinely cared about all the concerns I had involving my case.  I really appreciated that he never sugar-coated anything.  He was honest about the outcomes he expected which helped me to set reasonable expectations.  In the end, his hard work behind the scenes coupled with his laser-focused attention to detail and his more than impressive court performances blew those expectations out of the water.  I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Ofman to anyone looking for the best possible representation.

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